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  2. Stream Summary - The Schematics of 3.11 (Feat. Morphologis) Episode: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yKnV2CSiC4M Stream started of with a small introduction of everybody; Hater, Piggles, Execute and Morph Followed by some talk about where the SCLeaks team draws the line in terms of leaking stuff, especially regarding Zyloh's recent twitch comment about risking CIG employees jobs and so on SCLeaks tries not to use 100% accurate data like ship length and so on, instead they give a bit rougher estimates, so leaks can't be traced back that easily; same goes for artwork & concept art, they rely more on selfmade mockups that look similar than directly using the leaked material Morph starts talking quite a bit about how he got into architecture, how and why he moved to Taiwan, etc Morph then talks about his YT career, started off small, then got into space games, then started doing SC content and the channel went up When asked about why he started his 'Architect Reviews' series, he said he was kind of let down / frustrated by the design of the 600i that he just went for it and the video got a lot of traction which led to him doing more reviews in that format Afterwards they talk about the content of 3.11, how relatively lackluster or empty it is, but all of them agree that that's still somewhat related to covid They then go on about the negative aspects of WFH, developing and creating SC is very dependend on communication which takes even more time in a WFH environment Then they talk about the release date of 3.11 and the digital citcon at the start of october, as well as definitely one guaranteed straight to flight ready ship for the citcon, maybe one of the 2 remaining ship concepts from last citcon, Xian Cargo / medium refinery Hater talks about some leaks of a maybe upcoming new manufacturer, referring back to last citcon where CIG said the Xian cargo ship would be from a new manufacturer, and from the 'vibe' of his intel guy, he gets the feeling that it might come soon / with citcon They then talk about combat, Morph gets asked what kind of player he is, carebear or not, he wants a game environment that's not restricted by artificial barriers like AZs, removing those barriers but adding consequences depending on the system or location, will add more emergent gameplay, more possibilities They talk about the upcoming changes to AZs and also bring up the issues that may come up once tha patch hits live; for example AI, in this case turret AI is bound to server performance so the question comes up if they're actually able to hit players; Morph also talks about pad sniping people that are on foot with your ship, which could be a big issue on live servers; but they also talk about the positives, like encouraging escort gameplay for cargo haulers, especially near landing zones and stations Afterwards they talk about both cargo and refinery decks, coming respectively in 3.11 and 3.12, and about the issue that a lot of people in the community apparently thought that cargo decks would come with related gameplay, due to CIG hinting at refinery gameplay on the upcoming refinery decks, so people thought it would be the same for cargo decks as well Morph's favourite ship rn is the carrack (generic af) and his favourite upcoming ship is the kraken or kraken like ships that are some sort of flying HQ type of ships They then go on about ToW, talk about server issues and Morph brings up a good point, that CIG realized that the servers right now can't even handle ToW properly and hopefully shifted their focus more towards working on server tech to allow not only ToW but of course also improve the PU experience They then went completely off and talked about the new 30 series graphics cards, followed by yet another quite long talk about 3D printing Afterwards they go back on topic with Morph acknowledging again that the last and upcoming patches were quite thin content wise and brings up the question why they are so thin Basically everyone agreed on the fact that CIG is very focused on SQ42, leading to content mainly developed for SQ42 and being applied to the PU as it fits; there are no big parts of the shared dev teams working on stuff that's solely for PU, except the main core tech pillars like iCache, Server Meshing and so on They then talked about features that will be added in the upcoming year and they basically agreed on the fact that CIGs main focus is SQ42, with an expected release date probably at citcon next year; but for the PU they agreed on first iterations of iCache and Server Meshing, Pyro and Crusader Afterwards they talked about ways to maybe implement Pyro at the end of this year, with either a seperate module from the main menu like the social module worked way back in 2.x times or maybe like a loading screen server transition ingame at the jump point They then talked about CR's posts on spectrum, they all agreed on that although CR might be very dreamerish and tends to drift off with his visions, those visions are actually what got people into the project in the first place, and that he definitely should speak up to the community from time to time At 2:09:00 hater just fucking falls asleep, smh They then talked about the hate reputation of SC, and how hate can also be a positive thing that leads to more viewers, more interest in the project and that despite all the hate, a lot of non SC content creators come up with SC videos that are very well received and by doing so, they show off the project in a very good way Afterwards they talked about specific ship designs in terms of safety, in particular the lack of hand rails to grab in low gravity in any ship, and Morph gives a good explanation that we think of safety standards from a modern point of view but the game is set so far in the future where our standards would be very outdated Then they talked about the increased content output for the PU once SQ42 launched, going over some of the content backlog CIG showed or hinted at that's tied to SQ42, systems, weapons, armor, stuff like the vanduul ship reworks, and very special stuff like the shipjacker armor and ships They also talked about the issue of player expectations for certain ships and how the marketing team of CIG tends to hype ships up beyond their capabilities and while the design team is trying their best to meet those expectations They rounded the stream of by talking about their favourite location / environment for a planetside base or homestead, and they pretty much shared their opinion of choosing a very exotic, maybe even hostile environment like a jungle or some sort of lava planet or moon submitted by /u/244958 [link] [comments]Kliknij żeby zobaczyć orginalny post.
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  4. I can't find a good link to save my life and I'd love to listen to em submitted by /u/Wesus [link] [comments]Kliknij żeby zobaczyć orginalny post.
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  7. Gents, Nothing gets posted and every link to your Discord is invalid. Many are very interested. Please update Discord links. Thanks in advance. submitted by /u/RealStarCitizens [link] [comments]Kliknij żeby zobaczyć orginalny post.
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  9. Due to high amounts of people asking for the link, and it being outdated I will be posting and pinning a new link: discord.gg/scleaks OR https://discord.gg/fqABeTH submitted by /u/GibbiGibbi [link] [comments]Kliknij żeby zobaczyć orginalny post.
  10. as the title says... submitted by /u/DOGMAmusic [link] [comments]Kliknij żeby zobaczyć orginalny post.
  11. No to ja daje swój drugi. Fit Vanguarda którego używałem pod misję Bount i Claim Jumpery. Dlaczego Attrition ? Duża szybkostrzelność na fixowym ficie Vanguarda (a wiadomo jak ciężko się porusza) łatwiej trafić. Fit można stosować też w Hoplite ze względu na to że racki na 4x S2 też można zamontować. Fabryka: AEGIS Wersja: VANGUARD model: WARDEN/HOPLITE Przeznaczenie: KILL THEM ALL
  12. Star Citizen Patch 3.9.0 Alpha Patch 3.9.0 has been released and is now available! Patch should now show: VERSION 3.9.0-LIVE.5125346. It is strongly recommended that players delete their USER folder for the Public client after patching, particularly if you start encountering any odd character graphical issues or crash on loading. The USER folder can be found (in default installations) at C:\Program Files\Roberts Space Industries\StarCitizen\LIVE. UPDATE: 5125346 - Back-end services quick fix and new database wipe (LTP still on) Database Reset: YES Long Term Persistence: Enabled Known Issues Airlock doors at outposts may lack collision. The Cutlass "Best in Show" version has an opaque canopy. Note: We will be providing a Cutlass Black loaner. Duplicate, static trains may appear at Lorville or New Babbage. Ground vehicles can not be spawned at outpost ASOP terminals (still spawnable at Levski, Lorville, and New Babbage) Players can become stuck when jumping over some railings Ships can hitch or teleport at times when observing their motion For ECN alerts, the rescued Starfarer will sometimes circle endlessly after all waves are cleared The player can spawn with their prison suit still on after ending their sentence Being in a large party can cause party markers to fail to appear when inside a ship If a player crashes while transitioning into prison they will be unable to use their multitool Players can not see through the scope of the Arrowhead or P6-LR when crouched FOIP animations are not transmitting to others nearby Cargo boxes left behind after a ship explodes appear to blink in and out while the player is moving Player inner-thought and interaction system is off-set in wide screen resolutions Autopilot sometimes does not disengage after triggered by no-fly zone Heavy environmental suit armors block portions of the mobiGlas New Features Characters Added microTech clothing collection. Locations Added New Babbage Landing Zone - Interiors To serve as their corporate headquarters, microTech built New Babbage, a luxurious domed city with open spaces designed to inspire the creativity and productiveness of the people who work here. Drawn by the innovation and world-class amenities, other cutting edge companies and tech firms have opened up offices inside the city as well. From here, wealthy tech moguls work, relax, and party before heading out to weekend at some of the planet's beautiful winter destinations. Added Klescher automated prison Players who are directly killed by or die within a short distance of security forces or bounty hunters will now go to prison. In prison, all player inventory is inaccessible, and instead players are given a stock prison suit and a multi-tool with a mining attachment. Spare multi-tools can be found at the "commissary kiosk" should theirs be lost. Players can serve their time normally or contribute to society by working in the designated mining areas. Collected materials can be exchanged for "merits" to reduce your sentence using kiosks located near the mines. Once your sentence is complete, look for the "processing" section of the prison and interact with the kiosk. After being released, you will wake up at your last port. Added microTech Moons: Calliope, Clio, and Euterpe Added caves and cave missions to microTech and its moons. Added food to shops and stands throughout the verse. Gameplay New Criminal Mission: Hijacked Caterpillar Prisoner Transport Added mining laser sub-items Mining sub-items are consumable components which can be attached to advanced mining laser heads to provide temporary increased effectiveness. Sub-items can be activated within the cockpit using the interaction system while actively mining to briefly decrease the instability, lower resistance, increase the optimal window, and so on. While most have a duration to their effect, some are triggered instantly so they can be used in case of emergencies or as an immediate boost. Introduced a volatile mineable ore Quantainium is a widely available and highly unstable ore used in the production of quantum fuel. Once it is mined, care must be used in the speed and manner in which it is transported. Not only does it degrade over time, but any impact will cause it to deteriorate further. The more degraded the quantainium, the more unstable it is and the higher the risk of it exploding. When a dangerous threshold is crossed, the player will receive a visual/audio warning and will have the option to eject all cargo. Failing to eject risks the ship taking damage or being destroyed. Given the risk, successful delivery of quantainium will be a lucrative endeavor. Added two new surface harvestables Added in-hand weapon attachment swapping Players can now customize weapon attachments by interacting with the weapons themselves when held. Hold down F and click on "customize" on a held weapon that can use custom attachments. This will allow you to change weapon components such as sights, barrel attachments, and under barrel attachments. Added bindings for single axis first person zoom and first person zoom in/out toggle button Players can now exit ezHAB beds using basic (WASD) movement keys Added quick buy option with price to food items in shops New actor status system With the variety of extreme environments throughout the verse, players will have to factor in extreme hot and cold temperatures when planning their adventures. If you want to stay safe in these conditions, equip yourself with the new Caldera Pembroke and Novikov suits. If you're not equipped for the temperatures, you'll begin to suffer the negative effects of hyperthermia and hypothermia, eventually resulting in death. As with preparing your equipment for different temperatures, you have to prepare your body as well. We have also added "hunger" and thirst", which will be increasing constantly, so you'll need to stay topped up if you don't want to suffer the effects of dehydration or starvation. In addition, keeping yourself hydrated and well fed may have positive benefits to motor functions. You can use the commodities inventory to stow away store-able foods and drinks for the journey ahead. Hunger and thirst are persistent effects that carry over from session to session. A more detailed UI has been added to the player visor to track these various states and is visible when activating the personal inner-thought wheel (F+right click). Ships and Vehicles Added Esperia Prowler Named after the UPE military designation, the Prowler is a modernized version of the infamous Tevarin armored personnel carrier. Esperia’s astroengineers were given unmitigated access to study original versions of the ship recently discovered in the Kabal system to help meticulously reconstruct the vehicle. Now, the Prowler is the perfect fusion of two cultures: the elegance and effectiveness of the Tevarin war machine combined with the reliability of modern Human technology. Weapons and Items Added new ship weapon: Esperia Lightstrike Cannons An Esperia recreation of Tevarin historic technology, these energy cannons come in sizes 1 to 3 and are designed for medium to long ranges. Added new s hip weapon series: Esperia Deadbolt Cannons An Esperia recreation of Tevarin historic technology, the Deadbolt series are ballistic cannons ranging from size 4 to sized 6 and are designed for short range engagements during drops. Core Tech Added new contact list and party system flow via unification with Spectrum friend's list The in-game friend's list now uses your Spectrum friends and has been entirely reworked. The main menu now has a "Friends" tab and a "Notifications" tab. Friends can be added directly by using the "+Add" key and all friends/contact notifications will appear in the notifications tab until dismissed (note: crash recovery will also appear here). When creating a party, a new tab will appear showing party members and leader. The pre-3.9 in-game contacts list will be merged into your existing. Spectrum friend's list once 3.9 goes live, but for now PTU spectrum is where the PTU friend's list can be tested. Feature Updates Locations Updated geological aspects of various planetary bodies with new visuals and assets Default spawn location choices have been updated to only include major city locations (New Babbage, Area18, Lorville) Added size 1 gimbals to all shops that carry gimbals Sprint speed while your fists are raised has been increased to match unarmed sprint speed Adjusted atmosphere density for ArcCorp and Hurston Updated arrival radius distance for lagrange points - from 120km to 70km Placed comm arrays around planets and moons and reduced their monitoring radius to cover just those sectors Updated kiosk screens at Port Olisar, Lorville, Levski, Area18, and Grim HEX Increased the brightness of the exterior lights around Levski AI Updated ship AI behavior to include greater speed ranges and improved avoidance Gameplay Updated first person radial menu for personal inner-thought interaction system The updated Radial menu gives quick access to certain actions which are context specific, such as on foot or in a pilot seat. These actions include emotes, weapon customizations, helmet removal, and many more. Each action is also shown with its relevant keybind where applicable. The menu will save your most used actions as favorites on the main wheel and can be accessed by opening the Personal Thought menu by holding F and right clicking (interact + mouse2). Doubled the payout of all criminal missions Added infraction to immediately impound player ships that collide with ships with the right to be within a landing area Shifted the threshold to obtain lvl 4 and 5 crime stats Lowered the amount your character twitches while impacted by fire in combat Made murder and inmate murder against party members be automatically forgiven Crashing a ship with players aboard will no longer award the pilot with a homicide crime stat Ships and Vehicles Forward/backward on vehicles can now be assigned to axes Added missile incoming alerts to building block based ship HUDs The velocity limiter can be now adjusted while disabled, with a faded line indicating where the limiter will be once reactivated Returned missiles to tap to lock, hold to launch and added a keybind (not bound by default) for unlocking Increased the headlight range of the Vanguard series Added a small screen for medbed interactions in the 890 Jump Shifted the mass on the Anvil Ballista from front to body to prevent the rear lifting continuously Argo Mole can now attach size 1 mining lasers To temporarily offset some of the issues with shield holes, damage to some ship components (some weapons and turrets) no longer passes through to the ship hull Added on damage delay to ASAS shields Reduced gravity compensation in partial landing to make landing easier Added rain canopy VFX to the Avenger, Eclipse, Arrow, Gladiator, Hawk, Hornet, Herald, Merlin, Starfarer, Freelancer, Prospector, Razor, 300i, 85x, and Sabre All PU purchasable items should now be available to REC rent Ships rented with REC should now be customizable Increased available deadzone range for vjoy by 20% Set default vjoy deadzone to 4.5% Lowered assisted gimbal slew speed Mouse relative mode is now an optional setting for mouse control but not bound by default Players can low lock the rotation of their ship using the Rshift key Increased wing health of all Reliants Added missiles to all Reliants Added second gimbal turret to Reliant Kore Streamlined some aim and flying controls to reduce complexity in preparing for future updates. Many of the custom settings for manual gimbal aiming and aim/look controls have been changed to streamline for future updates. You can find a detailed post on those changes here: https://robertsspaceindustries.com/spectrum/community/SC/forum/190049/thread/3-9-0-update-changes-to-some-aim-and-flight-contro Weapons and Items Tweaked combat damage of S2 mass drivers to bring them more in line with similar sized weapons Reduced head camera shake, reduced spread, and increased climb/drift for the Karna rifle The extreme weather heavy armor suits Pembroke (extreme heat) and Novikov (extreme cold) can be found at Lorville's and Port Tressler's armor shops respectively. Major Bug Fixes Fixed an issue that was causing the player wallet to get set to 0 aUEC after character wipes and database resets Pressing backspace on the main menu should no longer cause the menu to disappear If a players uses both the pilot and bridge control seats, one should no longer get stuck Players should now be able to logout in the beds of the 890 and the Reclaimer Carrack headlights should now function Fixed an issue that could cause the player to get stuck on the character customizer screen CryAstro repair services should now work normally without the need to hover prior to landing Ships should no longer get into an invulnerable state sometimes after repair Ships should no longer rotate to align with an invisible plane before engaging non-spline quantum travel Look behind camera should no longer occasionally clip into ship geometry Area18 habitation floors should now have atmosphere Logging out of the Caterpillar's beds should no longer cause the player to log back in the pilot seat Patrol missions should now correctly appear in the Crusader area Fixed an issue where multiple ships could place a size 3 to 5 remote turret onto a gun hardpoint Traveling to OM-1 should now send the player to the correct location and not to the center of Stanton Carrack upper command ship controls should now have a HUD There should no longer be a constant light reflection in the Sabre's cockpit that obstructs the player's view Breathing should no longer be occasionally heard while in a loading screen Avenger bed interaction should now work correctly AI ships should no longer spin wildly when in combat The character customizer should no longer become unresponsive Player should now be able to look through sniper scopes correctly while crouching and prone FPS AI should no longer aim in a random direction prior to aiming at the player A ship should no longer be able to snag another ship in its physics grid, moving it out of sync and allowing access to cargo Fixed a VOIP issue that was causing players to get into a state where Proximity and/or Primary channels can be heard globally after entering another primary channel Refuel / restock / repair options should now work correctly at HUR-L4 Valkyrie Liberator variant should now be able to hold cargo Players should no longer see the withdrawal of every mission element when the Call to Arms mission is withdrawn Manned turrets should no longer appear out of sync and to not move to other players Players should no longer encounter invisible players who are out of sync Players should no longer be able to set direct QT routes or skip in-between jumps Player should no longer be affected by strong wind while moving around on the two platforms at the Central Business District Cargo boxes created from personal inventory should now be able to be sold at the commodities kiosk
  13. Witam w tym momencie zrezygnowano z dotychczasowego oznaczenia update dla 4.0 i 4.1 z powodu iż CIG doszedł do wniosku że te dwie łatki są zbyt małe na miano 4.0 wiec po 3.9 otrzymamy 3.10 oraz 3.11. (patrz link) 4.0 możliwe że ujrzymy na okres Citconu wraz SQ42 gdzie otrzymam nowy system Pyro(piracki sytem ogolnie z ograniczonym bezpieczeństwem zapenionym przez UEEniebezpieczny dla handlu) co da nam wreszcie wyczekiwany skok miedzy ukladami co przyliży nas do SC jaki powinien byc jesłi chodzi o Univers. Wciąż niestety nie ma mechanik dotyczocych załogi czy podzialu pilota na coopilota mechanika nie wiadomo kiedy to nastanie miejmy nadzieje że wkrótce i wreszcie konsole beda dzialac poprawnie Tym czasem od 22.05 do 01.06 będzie otwarty tydzień dla wszystkich nowych graczybędzie można wyprubować najnowszaą łatke 3.9.1 za darmo bez kupowania gry oraz wziąćś udział w Evencie na Acrorp Area 18 można dostać się tam tramwajem który zabiuerze nas presto na virtualne targi niczym Citcon (patrz link)
  14. Jako pierwszy na tapetę idzie mój ostatni ulubieniec czyli: Rodzaj: Jednostka latająca Fabryka: DRAKE Model: Cutlas Wersja: Black Przeznaczenie: BOUNTY HUNTER fit: #DPSCalculator WWW.ERKUL.GAMES Star Citizen tools for DPS, damage, power and cooling simulations including an up to date ships and components database
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  16. Hi. I was directed to this reddit in a reply to a question I posted @ my org. I am working on a slide for SC components and need nice images which all share the same profile or perspective as well as quality. I have searched google and youtube and my game files as recommended on spectrum but to little avail was I satisfied with the quality or consistency. I didn't find anything in the game files. I am new to SC and don't share the same level of programming or computer skills as some of you out there. My question is: Where can I find high quality images of every component used in the game currently? I am happy with images from the dumpers depot panel, but for me to copy paste and edit each one would be a task. I am willing to do it. But before I did, I wanted to ask here. Where in the game files are these pics? Are they server based? Would I have access to them outside of screen shots? I will continue my searching. I could use some help. If anyone knows a way for me to get a small icon - med sized pics of the shields, power plants, quantum drives, coolers, maybe even weapons and missiles, racks . . . End goal is to have a slide and a sheet with pics at the upper left, with the name, and size, and related data - possibly even the description which I can copy from dumpers depot or platinum bay, etc. TLDR: This is all I am interested in. I just need the same style or looking pic for each usable item in game as it is right now. I appreciate any help you can provide. Sorry I ramble. submitted by /u/CitizenSanteri [link] [comments]Kliknij żeby zobaczyć orginalny post.
  17. Hello there, I got a chance to read the Carrack's XML file that was kindly posted onto the Star Citizen leak Discord channel, and I was pleasantly surprised when I saw that it said that the Carrack had Size 5 turrets. Upon comparing the size of the weapons on the Carracks that have been flown around by the devs on the PU and comparing them to that of the one flown on the Citizen Con demo, I found the weapons to look like they were a similar size. Of course, the weapons may come as S4 and then one can pay to upgrade them to size 5s, or I may simply not able to see the difference in size. My question is: Have I read the XML file correctly? Thank you very much :) submitted by /u/FusionOnReddit [link] [comments]Kliknij żeby zobaczyć orginalny post.
  18. Witaj na Obywatel Gwiazd - Board | Miejsce spotkań fanów Star Citizen'a.

  19. Też mi się tak wydaje.
  20. nie chcę rokować ale akademia ma sens przy większej liczbie studentów i jak na moje oko pierwsza szansa na tak zacny zasób kandydatów może pojawić się przy zakończonej sukcesem premierze SQ42 (przy dobrych wiatrach 2-3Q tego roku)
  21. Każdy lubi czasem sobie pogrzebać 😄 muaa:* Duży kamyczek. Gimiii som kisss...
  22. Ponury Typ

    Crusader Ares

    Crusader stwierdził że pierdzieli wożenie ludzi i będzie budował myśliwce. Broszura Cenny [Brutto]: Standalone Ship - Crusader Ares Ion Radiance - Warbond - 239.85 USD Standalone Ship - Crusader Ares Ion - Warbond - 239.85 USD Standalone Ship - Crusader Ares Ion - 270.60 USD Standalone Ship - Crusader Ares Inferno Ember - Warbond - 239.85 USD Standalone Ship - Crusader Ares Inferno - Warbond - 239.85 USD Standalone Ship - Crusader Ares Inferno - 270.60 USD
  23. Jeszcze nim na arenie nie latałem 🤔 trzeba będzie sprawdzić bo się kurzy w hangarze.
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