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  1. Patch jest bardzo stabilny!
  2. Star Citizen Patch 3.6.1 Alpha Patch 3.6.1 has been released and is now available! Patch should now show: LIVE-2437696. It is strongly recommended that players delete their USER folder for the Public client after patching, particularly if you start encountering any odd character graphical issues or crash on loading. The USER folder can be found (in default installations) at C:\Program Files\Roberts Space Industries\StarCitizen\LIVE. Database Persistence Wipe: YES Known Issues Recently claimed ships may show as "locked" on the VMA. W/A: App switch or reopen to refresh. 600i interior elevator doors do not open unless the ship is unlocked. Reclaimer interior doors do not open unless the ship is unlocked. The forward lift on the Reclaimer sometimes has collision issues causing damage to the player or the player to fall out. Wheel and suspension animations are not working on wheeled vehicles. VOIP may not be functioning at release, but we are looking into a server side hotfix. Feature Updates General Updated audio for size 3 ballistic cannons and Ballista missiles. Updated FOIP camera selection with "camera mode" which includes the choice of camera, resolution, framerate, and color space. Recommended modes are marked with a "*" and modes below 320 or above 1920 are excluded. Universe Added Ballista class missiles to Centermass store. Brought down the number of AI security reinforcements to avoid accumulation of AI ships. Increased the ship detection commodity buying radius for some stash houses. Missions Updated probability volume to lower the frequency of AI service beacons. UI Disabled pitch ladder for ground vehicles. Added HUD warning message for security encounter. VOIP UI "speaking" notification now ignores players who are out of range. FPS Raised the P8SC sight attachment point. Ships and Vehicles Updated dimensions for Freelancer Max and Vanguard to better select landing pads/hangars. Temporarily removed the VTOL animation from the Cutlass to restore forward/reverse strafing when in hover mode. Bug Fixes Players should no longer experience a dramatic framerate drop when in 1st person. Fixed missing orbital markers at multiple locations. Updated armor tagging for Star Marine so the outlaws now have a complete set. Fixed an issue causing tire trail VFX for the Ballista to not appear. All crew members of the Ballista should now have ship computer audio. Holding LMB should now work to quick place carried items. Security attacking the player should now be flagged as hostile. The UI should now show correct numbers for weapons when not wearing a helmet. The camera should no longer appear to be inside the player's head when respawning in Star Marine. Players should no longer experience an infinite loading screen when logging into the PU. Fixed an issue causing bounty type missions to appear in the same areas around GrimHex. Fixed an issue where the REC total wasn't displaying at the top of the screen on the Arena Commander menu. Destroying an enemy ship when in the presence of security should no longer cause a crimestat. Fixed an issue where mineable asteroids could be detected at much longer ranges than intended. Modified shield proxy for Reclaimer to fix shield holes. Ruto's appointment mission should no longer be offered before the player completes the prerequisite mission. Fixed an issue where missiles were not inheriting velocity. Players should no longer get stuck on a black screen after death. Ships should no longer be missing components upon insurance claim return. There should no longer be excess AI ships around GrimHex, lowering local FPS. Switching genders in the character customizer should no longer cause a skin tone mismatch. Vehicles should now be able to be repaired and restocked at Lorville and Levski. Secondary quantum travel route jump points should no longer be obstructed when traveling to a planetary body. Mission givers should be in their correct positions and functioning. Emissions should now display properly on MFD and support screens. There should no longer be a floating boxing ring just outside of Lorville. Players should no long stare at a black screen when attempting to respawn. Fixed an issue that caused ship repairs to not work when degradation was present. Fixed an issue where Pro Tem bounties would spawn inside asteroids. Players should no longer get stuck on an infinite loading screen when entering the PU. Repair costs should no longer be exceedingly high when degradation is present. Players should no longer see pink or purple graphical issues around ArcCorp if they updated to the latest drivers. Players should now be able to purchase commodities at Hurston moon outposts. Players should now have their ships detected once landed at CRU-L5. The player's ship should no longer explode when quantum traveling to a party member in atmosphere. Mission description and contractor are now placed in the correct fields on the mobiGlas. Fixed an issue causing some optics to be not sighted in correctly. Restock should work consistently for all ground vehicles. Lawful missions should no longer appear on GrimHex if the player has a crimestat. Fixed an issue where VOIP did not automatically connect the client back to proximity chat after disconnecting from a direct call or party chat. Removed emotes from falling to fix using them to avoid falling damage. Technical Fixed 10 client crashes. Fixed 4 server crashes. Fixed a memory leak.
  3. Nowy Pojazd on Anvila: Cenny: [Brutto] Ballista - Warbond - 147.60 USD Ballista - 172.20 USD Ballista Snowblind Limited Edition - Warbond - 153.75 USD Ballista Dunestalker Limited Edition - Warbond - 153.75 USD Ground Militia Pack Snowblind Limited - Warbond - 418.20 USD Ground Militia Pack - 448.95 USD Grafiki:
  4. Feature Updates General Unified TrackIR and FOIP head tracking buttons. Updates and numerous polish to head tracking functionality including the addition of head roll. Universe Complete update of Rest Stop exteriors and shapes, including thematic variations. Moved Delamar further away from Crusader and into its own object container. Updated commodity pricing to reflect the addition of black markets and stolen goods. Updated several locations to now use decoupled lighting for improved visual look. Reduced the volume of the combat music and added an option to mute this music event. Added the ability for AI pilots to strafe during passes. Added Oxypen and MediPen to Lorville Tammany and Sons shop. Updated transit system to streamline flow and usage. Trains are now on loops with multiple trains on each line, which should reduce waiting times across the board. Elevators can now move to any pad/hangar and are no longer specific to one hangar/pad. A selection of available destinations will be available via interaction at the interior elevator button panel. Added "average" skill level for AI pilots to increase variation. Updated and expanded player carriable items. Adding clustering for mineable entities. Mineable rocks now appear in medium to large clusters rather than single rocks and their locations have been updated to reflect this. Lighting pass on exteriors of underground facilities. Various visual tweaks around Lorville. Increased refinery kiosk pay out to give a slightly higher yield to mined materials. Missions Re-enabled ECN missions. Various improvements to FPS based missions. Temporarily removed escort and distraction style missions. There are now as many PVP bounty missions offered as there are eligible criminal player targets. UI Video and lighting improvements to comms calls. Color and names of channels can now be edited in the mobiGlas. Players can now decide which chat channel is directed to the visor. FPS Improved the look and feel of the character jump mechanic. Updated ragdoll properties to improve look and feel in all situations. Polish to smooth out first person turns and crouch turns. Added a display screen to the GRIN multi-tool. Added display screen to KLWE Arclight pistol. Ships and Vehicles Complete rework of the Aegis Vanguard Warden. Revised the P-52 Merlin. Updated the HUD of the Gladius. Decreased the hull strength of the Arrow. Increased the hull strength of the Reliant. Significantly increased the hull strength of the Khartu-Al. Removed the ability to change paints on the VMA and Arena Commander vehicle editor as it had applied in unintended situations. The ability to swap paints on the Aurora and the Graycat will be added back at a later date. Updated JUST quantum drives for increased durability and more distinction from other classes. Further updates to ship weapon audio. Reworked shield values and functionality Shields have been reworked to add major differences between manufacturers and classifications with the goal of providing a difference in feel and value. Size 1 shields have had their health pools readjusted and regen reworked. For size 1, shields now stop regenerating on hit and once a set period of time passes without further strikes, the shields will began to regen again. The functional goal of this is to limit shield regeneration during a fight and have the shield work more to stop the enemy doing significant damage right at a fight's outset. There is one exception, ASAS (manufacturer) shields constantly regenerate, but have a reduced health pool. Size 2 shields work similar to before, but now with more difference between manufacturers. At size 2 there is no damage delay, low regeneration, and a large health pool. Size 3 shields have very large health pools and regeneration rates, with the goal of requiring multiple ships working together to overcome their regen. Reworked ship shields so power setting only impacts regen. Toned down the shield shader VFX. Changed the shield regen delay to be per generator rather than per face. Overclocking no longer affects shield allocation rate or hardening. Updated Prospector main engine with VFX. Updated AI Hammerheads to "gunship" type flight behavior. Updated ship weapon audio. Increased the damage output of missiles. Updated the cooling for Dragonfly and Nox thrusters to make them more usable. Removed collision from the Freelancer's turret forks as a temporary work around to get larger objects in, pending animated retract. Updated rate of fire on all repeater weapons. Added audio feedback for player g-force stress. Major Bug Fixes Missiles should now be able to be counter-measured appropriately. Fixed missing thruster damage VFX for the 300 series. Ship controls for the Nox should now animate when strafing. IFCS sounds for coupled/cruise should now work for all ships. Customized 325a's should no longer have mismatched cargo holds. Strafing should now animate on the Cutlass HOTAS. The HUD should now properly update when changing fire-mode on the KSAR Scalpel. Players should no longer get stuck inside of ArcCorp rooftops when they go prone. Players should now be able to vault or mantle from a crouch. Players should no longer be able to force pass out by jumping. Loading into Arena Commander as a spectator should no longer cause an infinite load screen. The comms MFD should now update properly. Added an interaction to the interior of the cargo bay of the 300 series to avoid players getting stuck. The Eclipse radar should no longer be reversed. Fixed a head-flip and smooth tracking issue when doing fast turns on foot. Fix for visual blurring on rotating asteroids. The attitude flight HUD should now appear properly when flying at Delamar. JUST quantum drives should now have a distinct feel from other types. The Reliant series should now be able to store handheld cargo. Combat music should no longer seem much louder than others. Fixed missing radar on customized ships. Fixed weapons should no longer aim toward the target as if gimbaled when in assist mode. Turret HUD markers should no longer appear if the player isn't facing them. Increased the health of destructible turrets so they can't be destroyed with melee attacks. Turret movement audio should now play properly. Updated spline jumps to avoid impacts with the planetary body. Fixed a visual issue with the Valkyrie camo skin. Assisted gimbals should no longer wander when no target is locked and the ship is in motion. The undersuit should no longer display thruster VFX when not in EVA. Using automated landing at rest stops should no longer cause the ship to move away rather than land. Ship engine and idle glows should now properly be off when the ship is off. Fixed an issue where scan blob contact VFX were played for everyone in the area. Ruto's face should now appear. Female characters should now sit in the copilot seat of the Super Hornet correctly. Party launch and "join friends" should now work from the main menu. Targeting pips should no longer continue to show and lock to screen after a weapon is destroyed. Fixed an issue where some MFD screens would be blank from the copilot or support seat. Players should no longer fall through a planet when loading back in if they previously logged out in a bed.
  5. Alpha Patch 3.6.0 has been released and is now available! Patch should now show: LIVE-2247930. It is strongly recommended that players delete their USER folder for the Public client after patching, particularly if you start encountering any odd character graphical issues or crash on loading. The USER folder can be found (in default installations) at C:\Program Files\Roberts Space Industries\StarCitizen\LIVE. New Launcher We are using a new, unified launcher (version 1.2.0): https://robertsspaceindustries.com/download Known Issues Players may get stuck on the initial loading screen. W/A: Alt+F4 and restart or attempt to suicide your character (on load screen) to force a respawn. Missiles on the Anvil Ballista may occasionally be unable to lock and/or fire. W/A: Reclaim or respawn and try again. Mission givers can sometimes be in the incorrect position and may not interact normally. The HUD vanishes when the quantum drive is enabled. Dropping the hacking chip on planetary surfaces can cause it to fall through. Significant first person framerate reduction can occur. Textures will display across the visor on some helmets. AI ships have an unintended wing wobble behavior. The terrain on Lyria might disappear in some areas (high terrain in high density areas), New Features General Added a hold to activate option for head tracking (available at the comms menu). Added option to select head tracking source and camera selection. Universe Added additional crimestat hacking locations, terminals, and updated the hacking system Hacking now requires a stowable, single-use device which can be found at various locations and shops and is stored as a gadget, retrievable using the "4" key. The devices vary in style and quality, with some more "legal" devices able to do the job with minimal required upkeep from the player but over an extended period of time. Other devices, of a more illicit nature, hack very quickly but require constant interaction upkeep from the player to keep in operation. Additionally, longer periods put the hacking player at risk as counter-missions can be generated to stop them. The updated behavior applies to removal of crimestat as well as shutting off comm arrays. The slow, reliable device can be found at some shops in the verse including Cubby Blast but the more illicit device may require seeking out less reputable vendors. Additionally, there are now expanded locations where a player can attempt to hack away their crime stat. Added automated turrets to GrimHex. Complete overhaul of the law and criminality system Crimestat now directly impacts the level of opposition and how active their pursuit style. The higher the crimestat, the more active and difficult the pursuers. Crimes are split into less severe misdemeanors, which are enforced via fines, and more punishing federal offenses which will result in the player being engaged by hostile AI and bounty hunters. Law is enforced in a jurisdiction system with the main jurisdiction for the Stanton system being UEE, which tracks and enforces federal offenses. Regional jurisdiction is specific to a given area (ie. Crusader, Hurston) which police their own misdemeanors and have their own rules for control substances and unique security forces. The rules and crimes for each region will be listed in the mobiGlas "Journal" for that jurisdiction and are updated as you move through the regions. GrimHex is a unique case of a jurisdiction that does not respect the authority of UEE and does not report crimes to them. GrimHex also field dampens the area around it to protect its visitors. Misdemeanor fines are deducted from your account directly, provided you have the funds as a temporary measure until fine payoff kiosks are implemented. Various security forces may also randomly approach the player as they move around the verse. If the player encounters these forces and is a felon or in current possession of a ship that has been reported stolen (another player has made an insurance claim on that ship), they will immediately be attacked. If not, the player will be requested to halt and submit to a scan via ship to ship comms. If the player fails to stop within a certain time period, with repeated warnings, they will be given a crimestat and attacked. If the submit to a scan and are in possession of illegal goods, they will be fined and the goods removed. Stolen goods and illegal commodities can now only be sold at less than reputable locations, some of which may require some investigation to locate. Missions Added illegal style delivery missions for prohibited and stolen goods. Ships and Vehicles Added hover mode. Hover mode will automatically engage near planetary surfaces with atmosphere below a certain velocity threshold. When engaged, ships will swap to VTOL thruster modes, which will include alternate thruster configurations when applicable. When in hover mode, the ship will hover level until the player gives an input. Pitch forward/backward will result in moving forward/backward and roll will result in lateral movement. If the ship attains enough forward velocity it will automatically switch to rear thrust driven forward flight. Added ship purchasing kiosks to ship shops around the verse. Added ship component degradation. Ship components (coolers, power plants, shields) now suffer from noticeable degradation which can accumulate through time and through specific behaviors (frequent overheating, damage). Degradation can be repaired with any other ship damage at major stations. Added "misfire" events to ship shields, thrusters, power plants, and coolers. Some ship components (coolers, power plants, shields, thrusters) now have a chance to misfire. The base chance for a component in perfect condition is extremely low. Misfire chances increase with increasing degradation, damage, and heat. Misfires can be minor visual blips, major with periods of reduced functionality, or critical temporary shutdowns. New Ship: Kruger Intergalactic P-72 Archimedes. New Vehicle: Anvil Ballista New Ship Weapon: MaxOx Neutron Repeaters Rapid fire short-mid range weapons found in sizes 1 through 3. Uses "neutron" style damage, which has damage that increases over its range. Neutron Repeaters are available at Centermass in Area18. Added nozzle flaps to the F7C and F7CM. Grouped thrusters into a "power group" which can now be throttled to control thruster acceleration. Thruster power throttle is default bound to RALT+mouse wheel and is available in the keybinding menu. To allow players to track current power throttle to thrusters, a meter of percent power has replaced what was the hydrogen fuel meter and hydrogen fuel has moved to a static percent readout on the bottom of the HUD. Added a cargo grid to the Valkyrie. Added ship hailing. You can now start a video call with the pilot of a ship/vehicle that you're targeting while in your ship/vehicle with a hotkey (6), selecting the target in either the Comms/Targeting MFD, or in your MobiGlas Comms app. Added ship specific voice channel. When entering a ship, you now join its ship channel. When selecting the ship channel after you've joined it, you can VoIP and Chat with other members that are actively in that ship channel. You'll automatically leave the ship channel if you leave the ship for a period of time or move too far from the ship. FPS Added customizable weapon attachments Some FPS weapons can now be customized via various attachments. Available attachments are red dot (1x zoom), holographic (3x), a telescopic (4x), and a telescopic (8x ). These can be found at FPS weapon shops that carry compatible weapons. Added the ability to free look and activate head tracking while holding a weapon. Free look in first person now operates as a hold rather than a smart toggle. New FPS Weapon: Behring S38 Pistol This reliable Behring sidearm features a streamlined design and a lightweight polymer frame that helps to minimize recoil. And with the quick fire semi-automatic fire mode, it's easy to see why the versatile and dependable S38 has become a standard sidearm across the Empire for both citizens and law enforcement officers. Can be purchased at Center Mass and Port Olisar. New FPS Weapon: Klaus & Werner Lumin V SMG A solid and dependable laser submachine gun with a reputation for durability, reliability, and accuracy. Can be purchased at Center Mass and Conscientious Objects. UI The comms visor display now displays which channel you are VOIP broadcasting to, who else is in the channel with you, and who is speaking. Players can now invite an entire channel into their party. Players now default auto-join the global proximity VOIP channel.
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    Feature Updates General Updated carry and pickup animation transitions to smooth out motion some. Updated some of the carrying animations for EVA. Updated lighting for Lorville hangars. Default keyboard and gamepad controls have been revised along with the image presets in the options menu. Updated footfall and general first person audio. Changed the keybind for gimbal lock to "R", which will now cycle between gimbal modes. Removed Million Mile High Club from main menu, as it is now accessed via Area18. Updated menu background screen. Universe Visual updates and refinement for Wallace Klim. Re-entry VFX are now systematically driven by IFCS atmospheric physics. Clean up and minor improvements to NPC collision avoidance system. Updated sound effects and ambiances for Lorville's CBD. Updated lighting at various rest stops. Added an automatic door to Constantine Hurston's office. Updated some shopkeeper animations. Updated text for armor types to include color variants. Reduced civilian foot traffic in and around Lorville. Deferred collision added to No-Fly Zones. Adjusted restocking and insurance pricing. Updated party markers. Missions Expanded black box, investigation, collect, and kill confirm missions to additional derelicts. Reduced the shields on the satellites for the destroy probe mission set. Updated steal and ECN missions with new waves of enemies and different "protect" ships. Improvements to delivery mission assets. Changed the rewards and opposing ships for the mission giver bounty missions. Locker modules can now properly handle multiple deliveries. Delamar asteroids are now viable locations for mercenary missions. Bounty, steal, and recovery missions all now progress in difficulty. Updated ships that spawn in pirate blockades. Unlocking PVP bounty requires the player to complete any local security mission (Crusader, Hurston, or Blackjac security) and unlock the North Rock intro mission. Completing the North Rock intro mission unlocks PVP bounties for players with wanted level 2 or higher. UI Updated and improved the scanning vehicle HUD. Temporarily removed visible geometry from helmets that was impeding mobiGlas visibility. Replaced claim/retrieve buttons and ASOP terminal with a single, context sensitive button. FPS Updated vaulting animations for smoother usage. Added additional aim recoil to the KSAR Ravager. Updated the perception of FPS combat AI to react to players better. Updated firing sounds for the Arclight pistol. Star Marine Extensive update to Echo-11. Echo-11 has undergone a complete redesign to create better pathing between zones, more varied cover and positions, and better flow between each point of interest or control point. Control area capture now has updated gameplay mechanics You can now start the capture by just tapping F, which will interact with the keyboard for 2 seconds. You will then automatically detach, allowing you to protect yourself against any incoming players. While the capture is taking place an AR marker appears in-world displaying the capture area. If you step outside of this area the capture will slowly decay back towards its last state and if more members of your team join you inside the area, the capture will go faster. If members of the opposing team step into the area, the capture will go slower - or stall completely if there are the same number of players from each team. Capture points also now go via a Neutral state, so if you die part way through a capture your progress (past half way) is "saved" and the point has to be re-captured by the opposing team. Last Stand is now three rounds instead of four. Reduced Star Marine elimination player cap to 12. Added a smaller version of Station Demien, "Station Demien Comms", which will be used for elimination. IFCS Update All ship thruster output and tunings have been reworked for a more drifty feel. IFCS netcode has been updated for more efficient performance. ESP has been updated for new flight tunings. SCM and PRE bespoke modes have been removed. "Afterburner" as has been removed. Comstab has been removed. "Boost" is now referred to as "Afterburner". Added “speed limiter” functionality The speed limiter is a preset velocity that is applied to all strafe directions and is controlled independently of ship motion. Core ship movement is now controlled via "strafe" in the desired vectors. Additionally, there is a "cruise control" (C key) toggle that activates automatic thrust forward for longer distance travel. Velocity is now shown as actual velocity. Ship audio has been reworked including new thruster audio, new ship sounds, and audio linked ship vibration. The center flight HUD has been reworked to better fit the updated flight model. Atmospheric flight has been re-tuned and now includes lift in .addition to drag. Gravlev control has been reworked. Ships and Vehicles Full rework of the 300i. Updated Ship Scanning HUD Scan information is consolidated into two lists that passively refresh when scanning an object, even if already scanned. Also updated the ability to scan quantum travel navigation points. Revision of the Gallenson Tactical Systems GT-870 series ship weapons. Updated Gladius entry/exit animations. Added faster bed animations to the Prospector. Improved and updated the ship heat system. Ship thrusters can now overheat under heavy usage, especially when using afterburner. Full balance pass on thruster power usage. Updated death VFX for Vanduul Scythe. Adjusted the Freelancer landing pad position to avoid the rear of the ship being too close to an edge. Adjusted Hornet seat position to be more consistent for all variants. Increased the self-destruct timer for the Reclaimer. Missile guidance should now work between different zones. Updated AI pilot behavior to include break-away under fire tactics and separate lateral and frontal attacks for larger ships with turrets. The mining arm of the Prospector will now shake when firing the laser. Minor updates for entry, exit, and pass-out animations for numerous ships to eliminate pauses. Power priority is now functional. Slightly raised the Sabre's flight HUD. Disabled look behind view for shop parked ships. Moved the power plant and quantum points on the MISC Reliant away from the wings to avoid loss of control when they are damaged. Ship thrusters should now be damagable via direct fire. Updated audio for some ship weapons and weapon impacts. Thrusters should now be damagable by direct fire. Reduced all ship weapon velocity with a greater reduction for cannons. Rebalanced cannon damage. Bug Fixes Climbing into the Prospector's bed should no longer cause the player's head to clip through the geometry. The Valkyrie should no longer jitter when the ramp is down. Fixed the Retaliator HUD not being centered correctly. The Freelancer beds should no longer have a "Power On" option. Looted weapons in Star Marine should no longer be retained between rounds. The weapon mounts on the Reliant should no longer be sideways. The aim PIP on turrets should no longer jarringly "snap" to target. NPCs should no longer occasionally be standing on seats rather than sitting. Jumping a second time after an initial jump should no longer cause the character to jump a large distance. Adjusted ladder entrance on the Arrow to fix clipping. The magazine attached to the gun should properly show as being removed when reloading from an ammo crate in Star Marine. Players should no longer respawn with the UI showing health damage. Interaction mode should now function correctly when bound to LT/RT on a gamepad. The entry/exit animations for the Valkyrie turrets should now be properly aligned. The scope on the Arrowhead sniper rifle should no longer be non-functional if looted off a player killed while aiming. Updated sky-box and brightness of objects in and around the planet Hurston. One handed carry-able items should no longer have the "carry" option after unstowing. The canopy should no longer be highlighted as if in interaction mode when moving on some ships. The UI in AC/SM for cycling target when spectating should no longer change when the player toggles the HUD on and off. The players hands should no longer clip into their legs when inside the Hawk's prisoner seat. Players should no be able to rent more than one of the same item with REC. The player should no longer be visibly off-center when seated on the Dragonfly. Ships should no longer spawn into Arena Commander with their landing gear deployed. Large layers of liquid like shadows should no longer appear on moons. Interaction mode should no longer occasionally stay active after tapping "F". The pilot seat of the MISC Prospector should now be able to be entered from the left side. Terrain detail should no longer appear on top of carried boxes. Rebound exiting "try on" mode to "E" to avoid conflict with interaction mode key (F). Using an EMP should no longer knock out your own shields. There should no longer be atmospheric gaps inside the Hammerhead, 600i, Avenger, Retaliator, Reclaimer,, Starfarer, Freelancer, and Caterpillar. Swapping weapons while a weapon is charged and fired will no longer cause it to not consume ammo. Hammerhead turret entry interactions should now be more consistently placed. The Freelancer co-pilot should no longer have a flight/combat reticle. The scalpel and rail-gun barrels should now consistently extend. The mobiGlas should work consistently in the beds of the Valkyrie. Changed the animation on the table seats of the 600i to prevent clipping. The interaction prompts for entering the Prospector should now be easier to read. There should no longer be floating props on Echo 11 in Star Marine. Players should no longer get stuck in EVA next to the railing near point B on Station Demien in Star Marine. The correct UI overlay should now be present in Arena Commander race modes. Fixed an incorrect text string for one of the Freelancer MAX's shield generators. The pilot seat of the Freelancer MAX should no longer occasionally kill players. AI ships should now appear with full shields. Players who are not in your party should no longer occasionally appear on your quantum travel calibration UI. Objective markers should no be retained on boxes put down or dropped. Battaglia should no longer occasionally appear offset from her table. The loadout customizer in Star Marine should no longer occasionally become unresponsive. R&R CRU L1 should now have the correct name on the comms MFD. There should no longer be pauses in animation on the Caterpillar's upper turret. Third person camera for the Aurora should no longer clip into the ship during quantum travel when viewed from the front. The P8-SC should no longer have slower than intended ADS. Mineable resources should no longer flicker on approach and remain physicalized/scannable. Levski hangars should now have correct lighting. Fixed Arena Commander and Star Marine not showing the reason for awarding points. The Reclaimer's engine core should no longer spark electricity when it isn't damaged. Ship radar pings should no longer have their cooldown sluggish, unresponsive, or inconsistent. Dying while firing a weapon in Star Marine should no longer result in the weapon continuing to endlessly fire. The wanted level icon should no longer appear in Arena Commander. The Caterpillar should now be fully locked upon spawn. AI pilot opponents should no longer cause the comms to get stuck open and all audio from them to stop. Players should no longer be able to access the selfie camera while interacting with an ASOP or kiosk. Players should no longer clip through the ship when EVA entering the Eclipse. The pilot should no longer be able to fire the Reclaimer's remote turrets. The Star Marine announcer should no longer fail to voice and then spam the player all at once. The Avenger's HUD should now be aligned with the reticle. Realigned the HUD on the Razor. The Reclaimer's cockpit physics grid should no longer extend out of the ship. The shield of the Glaive should now properly cover the front of its blades. Removed broken panels from Avenger interior doors. Sitting in the drone operator seat should no longer cause the player to snap into position. Chaff should now function properly as a countermeasure. There should now be audio for UI comms hailing. One MFD should no longer go to comms if the player has any comms interaction happening on another screen. Non-green variants of the Arrowhead sniper rifle should no longer have a green scope. Quantum calibration targets in close proximity will now update properly when switching between them. Open torpedo doors on the Gladiator should no longer show a gray space and lack collision. The Mustang Beta should no longer have gaps in the interior geometry a player can see out of. Players should no longer T-pose on death in Star Marine. The kill board should now use your player name rather than "you" in Star Marine. The Reclaimer should now be able to have its loadout changed. Thruster effects for the small rear thrusters of the Valkyrie should now properly play. There should no longer be visibility issues when zooming in interaction mode with no helmet from the pilot seat. Battaglia's console should no longer be blank. The transit announcer voice at Lorville should no longer play multiple overlapping audio. Missile lock UI should no longer remain after firing the missile. The Gladiator should now have idle thruster effects. Players should no longer be able to get behind the admin counter at Lorville. Fixed some LOD issues on Lorville approach. Video should now consistently work when calling ATC at Lorville. Ballistic weapons should now do proper shield penetration. The import UI for keybindings should no longer be cut off at the bottom, preventing players from accessing some joysticks. Target brackets should no longer appear in 3rd person views. The pitch ladder artificial horizon line should now be oriented with level flight rather than terrain horizon. Technical Various performance optimizations. Fixed a number of OCS related stalls.
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    Star Citizen Patch 3.5.0 Alpha Patch 3.5.0 has been released to live!! Patch should now show: LIVE-1479378. It is strongly recommended that players delete their USER folder for the Public client after patching, particularly if you start encountering any odd character graphical issues or crash on loading. The USER folder can be found (in default installations) at C:\Program Files\Roberts Space Industries\StarCitize\LIVE. Additionally, due to a complete overhaul of keybindings and updates to the new flight model, it is strongly recommended players start custom bindings from scratch rather than import older bindings. IMPORTANT: Please be sure you are on launcher version 1.1.1, fully updated, before you begin downloading the patch. Major Known Issues: When exiting the options menu on the character customizer screen, the options will remain up disabling the players' control. W/A: Press "ESC" to go back to the customizer. If the player exits the game with the mobiGlas still open they will return to the universe with a blurry screen. W/A: Close mobiGlas before exiting. Delivery boxes can fall through the flooring of some ships. Ships do not leave behind cargo when destroyed. Ruto's hologram is missing. Ruto's entry mission will sometimes fail to complete. Some Area18 habs lack atmospheric pressure. Ships can exceed their speed limits by turning slightly while accelerating. Trying on clothing at Casaba can sometimes result in the loss of armor pieces. Ship bed logout may be unreliable or inconsistent. Stowed items can sometimes appear attached to the players' legs. Switching to external camera from the pilot seat and back when reset the HUD and chat. UPDATE We deployed hotfix 1479378 to live to fix an issue causing server instability at higher concurrency, this fix included some updates listed below. Feature Updates Universe Various polish to NPCs and usables around Area18. Lighting polish for Lorville, Area18, and UGFs. Missions Added more variation to NPC service beacons. Ships and Vehicles Adjusted the HUD element on several ships to avoid offset, overlap, or scaling issues. Radar ping results should now appear on the 3d radar. Bug Fixes The sky bus at Area18 should no longer occasionally hitch in its motion. Missile lock and launch should no longer be unbound by default. Darneely's dialogue and animation should no longer become mangled if the player exits and returns to the interaction area. The no fly zone at Area18 should now properly take control of the ship and not fly the player into the ground. "Restricted Area" warnings should no longer display in 3rd person. Players should no longer occasionally become stuck in a powered off, unexploded ship upon taking critical damage. Fixed weapons should no longer occasionally aim at the predicted location. Players should no longer quantum travel to a point just outside of the radius where further travel destinations are visible. Fixed missing weapons at various displays for Cubby Blast. There should no longer be objects preventing interaction with store items at Cubby Blast. Landing dust should no longer persist even with ship power and engines off. Players should no longer be occasionally blocked by the no-fly zone when attempting to land or take-off from side hangars at Area18. Corrected the "destroy stash" mission to reward the correct amount. The "destroy stash" count should no longer fluctuate occasionally. The Freelancers should no longer have cockpit geometry blinking in and out when entering or exiting hangars. Fix for missing ambient audio at Area18 and some UGFs. The snoopy cap should no longer remain attached to the player after removing the helmet. The player should now be able to move on respawn after dying with chat activated. Technical Fixed 9 client crashes. Fixed 7 server crashes. Full 3.5.0 Patch Notes New Features General Added DNA face customization system. Character selection and creation now uses a DNA face customization system. Initially you will be able to choose a gender, then select from a set of currently available characters and customize the blend of their facial features that will be represented in your own character. System includes “Simple” and "Advanced" modes that allows you to customize your face with preferred level of complexity. Additionally, "Eidonomy" selection provides the ability to select individual traits such as eye and hair color, skin tone etc. Added playable female characters. Adding "headphones" setting in audio menu. Universe Planetary Locations: Planet ArcCorp and its moons Lyria and Wala. Unlike the other planets in the Stanton system, the ArcCorp has the distinction of being almost entirely developed and built on. Nearly every square kilometer of the planet has been allocated for habitation, commercial use, industrial plants, and massive warehouses. As such, a strict, low level no-fly zone is in place for protection, though many choose to construct their buildings taller than the zone in order to offer landing opportunities. ArcCorp has two moons: Lyria, an icy moon dotted with cryogeysers and cryovolcanoes and Wala, a low density moon notable for its large crystalline outcroppings. Major Landing Zone: Area18. Area18 happens to be one of the few landing zones designated by ArcCorp for interplanetary traffic and is one of the main commercial ports for the surrounding region. If travelers manage not to be overwhelmed by the hectic sights and sounds of this landing zone, they can find a variety of goods from trusted names as well as unique local providers. ArcCorp has contracted with the PMC group "BlacJac Security" to ensure that their world and its surrounding environs are kept safe and open for business. Added new mission giver: Tecia "Twitch" Pacheco. Twitch came up as a soldier who transitioned into freelance security work after her service ended. Things seemed to be working out until she suffered nerve damage on a job for BlacJac Securities and they unceremoniously cut her loose. Now, left without employment and with a very specialized skill-set that she couldn't use, she turned to the criminal element that she used to hunt. These days, she lurks around the back alleys of the megacity Area18, making deals and introducing people or as she calls it "enjoying her retirement." Added Hurston Security ship variants for areas in and around Hurston. IFCS will now engage autopilot and attempt to turn your ship out and away when intersecting with a no-fly zone. Players can now set quantum travel way-points on members of their party. Missions Added environmental missions where AI can police unlawful players and track/call in additional support when doing so. The level and ship of the opposing force will depend on the player's wanted level. Added combat assistance service beacon mission types for AI. Added a patrol mission to Delamar. Added destroy satellite missions into Hurston area. Added additional delivery mission variants. Ships and Vehicles Added: MISC Reliant variants Tana, Sen, and Mako. Added Anvil F7C-M Super Hornet Heartseeker. Added automated gimbals Automated gimbals are an additional setting for gimbals that allow them to attempt and automatically track targets within a cone in front of the ship. The cone is designated by a dashed circle, which is separated into two when the gimbals do not have a lock on the target and closes into a single circle when they develop a lock. This mode can be cycled to via the "R" key Added Tachyon "Singe" cannons. Added new turret UI and sensitivity controls Turrets now have a UI overlay that shows their position relative to their parent ship (in degrees), the current sensitivity (slider bar), and with the current fire mode. Additionally, there are now interaction nodes for increasing and decreasing turret sensitivity directly from the turret seat. Added voice feedback for events while mining. Items and components now wear at a very slow rate. Items and components can now be repaired. Added ship weapon auto-convergence Fixed and gimbal weapons now auto-converge disparate weapon velocities and ranges into a single pip based on the slowest and shortest range weapon you have equipped. Additionally, gimbal and fixed weapons have a very small amount of target convergence (still being tuned). FPS Added: Gemini S71 assault rifle A well balanced and designed Assault Rifle, favored by wealthier private military professionals who want to make a display. Added: Kastak Arms Coda pistol A no frills, raw, heavy ballistic pistol that packs a heavy punch if it connects. What it lacks in fire rate and magazine size, it more than makes up for in range and power. FPS weapons now have dry fire audio when out of ammunition. Added color variants to many armors and undersuits. UI Added UI icons for additional kinds of contacts.
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