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  3. I don't know why but I've been banned from the Discord so when I tried to join it denied me. Help? submitted by /u/Zexoreus [link] [comments]Kliknij żeby zobaczyć orginalny post.
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  5. Welcome to Obywatel Gwiazd - Board | Miejsce spotkań fanów Star Citizen'a. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.

  6. Stream Summary - The Schematics of 3.11 (Feat. Morphologis) Episode: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yKnV2CSiC4M Stream started of with a small introduction of everybody; Hater, Piggles, Execute and Morph Followed by some talk about where the SCLeaks team draws the line in terms of leaking stuff, especially regarding Zyloh's recent twitch comment about risking CIG employees jobs and so on SCLeaks tries not to use 100% accurate data like ship length and so on, instead they give a bit rougher estimates, so leaks can't be traced back that easily; same goes for artwork & concept art, they rely more on selfmade mockups that look similar than directly using the leaked material Morph starts talking quite a bit about how he got into architecture, how and why he moved to Taiwan, etc Morph then talks about his YT career, started off small, then got into space games, then started doing SC content and the channel went up When asked about why he started his 'Architect Reviews' series, he said he was kind of let down / frustrated by the design of the 600i that he just went for it and the video got a lot of traction which led to him doing more reviews in that format Afterwards they talk about the content of 3.11, how relatively lackluster or empty it is, but all of them agree that that's still somewhat related to covid They then go on about the negative aspects of WFH, developing and creating SC is very dependend on communication which takes even more time in a WFH environment Then they talk about the release date of 3.11 and the digital citcon at the start of october, as well as definitely one guaranteed straight to flight ready ship for the citcon, maybe one of the 2 remaining ship concepts from last citcon, Xian Cargo / medium refinery Hater talks about some leaks of a maybe upcoming new manufacturer, referring back to last citcon where CIG said the Xian cargo ship would be from a new manufacturer, and from the 'vibe' of his intel guy, he gets the feeling that it might come soon / with citcon They then talk about combat, Morph gets asked what kind of player he is, carebear or not, he wants a game environment that's not restricted by artificial barriers like AZs, removing those barriers but adding consequences depending on the system or location, will add more emergent gameplay, more possibilities They talk about the upcoming changes to AZs and also bring up the issues that may come up once tha patch hits live; for example AI, in this case turret AI is bound to server performance so the question comes up if they're actually able to hit players; Morph also talks about pad sniping people that are on foot with your ship, which could be a big issue on live servers; but they also talk about the positives, like encouraging escort gameplay for cargo haulers, especially near landing zones and stations Afterwards they talk about both cargo and refinery decks, coming respectively in 3.11 and 3.12, and about the issue that a lot of people in the community apparently thought that cargo decks would come with related gameplay, due to CIG hinting at refinery gameplay on the upcoming refinery decks, so people thought it would be the same for cargo decks as well Morph's favourite ship rn is the carrack (generic af) and his favourite upcoming ship is the kraken or kraken like ships that are some sort of flying HQ type of ships They then go on about ToW, talk about server issues and Morph brings up a good point, that CIG realized that the servers right now can't even handle ToW properly and hopefully shifted their focus more towards working on server tech to allow not only ToW but of course also improve the PU experience They then went completely off and talked about the new 30 series graphics cards, followed by yet another quite long talk about 3D printing Afterwards they go back on topic with Morph acknowledging again that the last and upcoming patches were quite thin content wise and brings up the question why they are so thin Basically everyone agreed on the fact that CIG is very focused on SQ42, leading to content mainly developed for SQ42 and being applied to the PU as it fits; there are no big parts of the shared dev teams working on stuff that's solely for PU, except the main core tech pillars like iCache, Server Meshing and so on They then talked about features that will be added in the upcoming year and they basically agreed on the fact that CIGs main focus is SQ42, with an expected release date probably at citcon next year; but for the PU they agreed on first iterations of iCache and Server Meshing, Pyro and Crusader Afterwards they talked about ways to maybe implement Pyro at the end of this year, with either a seperate module from the main menu like the social module worked way back in 2.x times or maybe like a loading screen server transition ingame at the jump point They then talked about CR's posts on spectrum, they all agreed on that although CR might be very dreamerish and tends to drift off with his visions, those visions are actually what got people into the project in the first place, and that he definitely should speak up to the community from time to time At 2:09:00 hater just fucking falls asleep, smh They then talked about the hate reputation of SC, and how hate can also be a positive thing that leads to more viewers, more interest in the project and that despite all the hate, a lot of non SC content creators come up with SC videos that are very well received and by doing so, they show off the project in a very good way Afterwards they talked about specific ship designs in terms of safety, in particular the lack of hand rails to grab in low gravity in any ship, and Morph gives a good explanation that we think of safety standards from a modern point of view but the game is set so far in the future where our standards would be very outdated Then they talked about the increased content output for the PU once SQ42 launched, going over some of the content backlog CIG showed or hinted at that's tied to SQ42, systems, weapons, armor, stuff like the vanduul ship reworks, and very special stuff like the shipjacker armor and ships They also talked about the issue of player expectations for certain ships and how the marketing team of CIG tends to hype ships up beyond their capabilities and while the design team is trying their best to meet those expectations They rounded the stream of by talking about their favourite location / environment for a planetside base or homestead, and they pretty much shared their opinion of choosing a very exotic, maybe even hostile environment like a jungle or some sort of lava planet or moon submitted by /u/244958 [link] [comments]Kliknij żeby zobaczyć orginalny post.
  7. I can't find a good link to save my life and I'd love to listen to em submitted by /u/Wesus [link] [comments]Kliknij żeby zobaczyć orginalny post.
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  10. Gents, Nothing gets posted and every link to your Discord is invalid. Many are very interested. Please update Discord links. Thanks in advance. submitted by /u/RealStarCitizens [link] [comments]Kliknij żeby zobaczyć orginalny post.
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  12. Due to high amounts of people asking for the link, and it being outdated I will be posting and pinning a new link: discord.gg/scleaks OR https://discord.gg/fqABeTH submitted by /u/GibbiGibbi [link] [comments]Kliknij żeby zobaczyć orginalny post.
  13. as the title says... submitted by /u/DOGMAmusic [link] [comments]Kliknij żeby zobaczyć orginalny post.
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  15. Hi. I was directed to this reddit in a reply to a question I posted @ my org. I am working on a slide for SC components and need nice images which all share the same profile or perspective as well as quality. I have searched google and youtube and my game files as recommended on spectrum but to little avail was I satisfied with the quality or consistency. I didn't find anything in the game files. I am new to SC and don't share the same level of programming or computer skills as some of you out there. My question is: Where can I find high quality images of every component used in the game currently? I am happy with images from the dumpers depot panel, but for me to copy paste and edit each one would be a task. I am willing to do it. But before I did, I wanted to ask here. Where in the game files are these pics? Are they server based? Would I have access to them outside of screen shots? I will continue my searching. I could use some help. If anyone knows a way for me to get a small icon - med sized pics of the shields, power plants, quantum drives, coolers, maybe even weapons and missiles, racks . . . End goal is to have a slide and a sheet with pics at the upper left, with the name, and size, and related data - possibly even the description which I can copy from dumpers depot or platinum bay, etc. TLDR: This is all I am interested in. I just need the same style or looking pic for each usable item in game as it is right now. I appreciate any help you can provide. Sorry I ramble. submitted by /u/CitizenSanteri [link] [comments]Kliknij żeby zobaczyć orginalny post.
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